Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday is a fun challenge that inspires bloggers by providing a visual prompt every week. Above we see a girl working in a shoe factory. In the left lower corner there’s an M so you can also use that to inspire you (e.g. money, manufacture, etc.).

I was compelled to find photos of girls working in factories in different eras and different countries.

Hine, Lewis Wickes, photographer. A Basket Factory, Evansville, Ind. Girls Making Melon Baskets.Location: Evansville, Indiana. Evansville Evansville. Indiana United States, 1908. October. Photograph.
A crowded room in a cigar factory, women and girls making cigars, Manila, Philippine Islands
. , ca. 1907. Photograph.
United States Office Of War Information, Bransby, David, photographer. Women aircraft workers. An experienced girl worker in a West Coast airplane factory trains a new girl in the use of a rivet-squeezing machine. Vega. Burbank Burbank. California Los Angeles County United States, 1942. May. Photograph.
Hine, Lewis Wickes, photographer. Girls working in Tampa, Fla., Box Factory. I saw 10 small boys and girls. Has had reputation for employment of youngsters but work is slack now.Location: Tampa, Florida
. Florida Tampa Tampa. United States, 1909. Photograph.

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Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday 343 Footer

Each week Sepia Saturday bloggers post images and text on a particular theme. This week the theme is Work & Play. Flickr Commons has numerous photos of people who worked hard in mines, mills, factories, farms and more. Here’s just a few.

You might ask, “Where’s the play?” Well, my searching didn’t yield much. Life was hard in the early 20th Century.

I bet some did find good Work and Play images.


Irish Mill, Waterford, 1901

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U.S. South, Farmers, circa 1900