Sepia Saturday


This week Sepia Saturday challenges bloggers find photos of winners. It could be people with trophies, prizes, or awards and the winners. Here’s what I found.

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winner z

Source: Florida Memory, Flickr Commons, 1924

Beauty contestants above

Ireland awards4_c

Source: National Library of Ireland (n.d.)

Pot hunters in rowing parlance were those who went to regattas just to win the cups with no credible opposition. Probably an insult to this eight who had a very successful season with three magnificent trophies to display for their efforts! Does any other sport have such ornate and magnificent trophies as rowing? In those days novices were known as maidens though none of these lads look in any way maidenly. Who were they, whom did they represent and what was the silverware awarded for?

Coincidentally just now Irish and other nations crews are competing at all age levels including the “Home” internationals, the World championships and very soon the “Coupe de Jeunesse”! Good luck and best wishes to all concerned.

dogs trophyz

Internet Archive via Flickr Commons 1908

No more information. I wonder what the dog won.


Sepia Saturday

Faces On The Beach (c1910) Third Party Print (2002021)

Each week Sepia Saturday bloggers are challenged to share photos based on a theme. This week’s photo shows a man surrounded by a bevy of beauties. I’m searching for photos with a man or woman outnumbered by members of the opposite sex.

male women age1920s_Venice

Venice Beach, 1920s | Los Angeles Public Library


Washington, DC, 1921 | Library of Congress

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Place Unknown | Library of Congress, n.d. 

Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday Theme Image 47 : 25 May 2019


I’m struck by all these wonderful hats in this photo.


Nationaal Archief Nederlands, n.d.


Millinery Shop, Canada, 1905


Internet Archive, circa 1918

This dapper man sure can sport a hat. He looks familiar, but I can’t place him. Can you?

Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday 459 : 2 March 2019

Cooking, tasting, food – this week’s Sepia Saturday prompt challenges us to find images from the past on this theme. I’ve narrowed it down to men cooking in the 1950s.


These capture a by-gone era with the clean-cut attire and the traditional gender roles.



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Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday Theme Image 389

When I saw this darling girl interrupted from her writing, I knew I wanted to find some good photos of people at their writing desk. It’s crucial to have a good place to think and write. Here’s what I found on Flickr Commons.


Constantin Dumba, 1910, Library of Congress


Miss Young, 1926 from Musée McCord


G. Polacco, 1915, Library of Congress


“Hygiene of the Schoolroom,” 1910 The Internet Archive


“Hygiene of the School House,” 1910, Internet Archive

Sepia Saturday

sepia sat

This week’s Sepia Saturday prompt takes us to the beauty shop. It’s not just a trip for women though. First we have a boy, like many who in no uncertain terms does not want a haircut.

He's not keen on this.

He’s not keen on this.

Here’s a New York man from 1941 who’s getting a mask for his skin. Next is an ad for some kind of machine that claims to comb hair.

The facial mask resembles a death mask.

The facial mask resembles a death mask.


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