The High Life

Construction: I think 25 or 30 buildings are going up

Today we had some spring weather and I wandered around quite a bit. In the afternoon I went along the main road Di Kou Lu past all the construction and rubble from buildings that will soon fade from our memories. Though I don’t think I’ll forget the building that housed the neighborhood duck restaurant.

West of R. T. Mart

R. T. Mart's surroundings

East of R. T. Mart

There’s a new condo development in the works and it’ll be vast. They’ll have lush landscaping and they boast about a new international school. It’s right across from another middle school. The drawings make it seem quite Ivy League-ish. The sales office was grand with a pianist playing classical music and attentive staff dressed to the nines to wait on people. They didn’t know what to make of me. I was “just looking” but their English was limited as is my Mandarin.

Nice as this is I can’t help thinking: “Housing Bubble.”