I Couldn’t Agree More

Here’s a brief, convincing pitch on prioritizing statistics in education.

Personally, I love statistics and if I had known in high school how much I’d like it, I would have done more math in college.

If instead of Advanced Math, I could have taken a high school statistics class as a senior, I would have taken more statistics or math classes in college. My only choice for math as a senior was something called Advanced Math and I have no recollection of what we actually learned. I can tell you at I learned in geometry, algebra and trig, but advanced math, well, I had Mrs. Meyers and I believe she was nice. That’s all I remember. She was one of the better math teachers at Marillac and it was a shame she didn’t teach freshmen algebra.

None of my math teachers ever told us what Calculus was about so I picked up some vague ideas on the streets. (Sex ed was far more detailed at my Catholic school.) I just figured it was more painful than algebra with the inept, unpredictable Sr. Angela and thus best to be avoided.