Highlights from the RNC

A video by a woman who served as a surgeon for the US Army before becoming a nun.

Almost a million babies are killed each year in the US.

The President talks to 6 of the 150+ hostages whose release he negotiated

Pastor Brounson was in the news quite a bit, but all these people’s stories are gripping.

Frontline COVID Workers

I really loved the segments with the President.


Dropping Out

I wish Amy and Pete had stayed in the race. I don’t like that there’s such a strong desire to winnow down the field to one candidate when only a handful of states have voted. No matter who’s in the race, I wish candidates waited to enter and to exit the race. Many spent a lot of money early on and then run out of money before even 10% or the states have voted. It doesn’t seem that enough voters have had a say.

I would love to have been on the discussions that led to these decisions.

How to fix this?