Well, some miscreant deleted all 10 of the blogs I’ve kept starting in 2006. It’s rather pathetic, n’est pas? I mean how low do you have to be to get pleasure out of deleting a person’s private family blog consisting of family photos including those of great grandparents.

I had over 2,000 posts on my most popular blog and this has been a major loss.

Yet, I’ve got to gambatte just as the Japanese do.

I started a new Blogger blog, but Google didn’t list it in on my new account. Looking at various bulletin board it seems that this is happening to lots of people, so I’m done with Google and am getting acquainted with WordPress, which seems to offer a better option.

Thus here’s a new blog where I’ll write my musings on life, rants, opinions, experiences and observations.

I do have some posts saved and I’ll throw them up here.


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  1. Loss: I’ve been a photographer since I was 22, Over the years you can imagine how many rolls of film, prints and albums I accumulated in that time. I was living in Chicago in a 2 story walk-up in the Lincoln park area.It was a great loftesque top floor flat shaped like a triangle on a six corner so all the architecture was built to fit all the angles of the roadways. I had storage in the basement through the ground floor salon. The major wall of the basement butted up to the alley and flooded one year after a huge snow year. Most of my valuable stuff was off the floor but we had just gone down there the week before to organize or look for something and left it disheveled. I had a rubbermaid full of just prints not organized, just thrown in that filled up with water and with no idea of where the negs were I was disheveled!
    I now keep all my prints in old Kodak print paper boxes or shoe boxes[off the floor] Look for Negative vs Digital here in the future.
    Everything happens for a reason……..and we move on.
    Thank you for the link on your Weekly Photo challenge: Distortion post. ((bow))


  2. ouch! that is tough…
    however as MadMan says, a blog is not a life – which is a good thing.
    So courage and lots of fun to you as you begin again. Hope you enjoy WordPress. Happy Blogging!


  3. I am happy that I stumbled on your blog through Shards of China. I like your photography and your writing. I look forward to seeing much more…. I am SORRY about the loss of your blog; I bet it feels as if you’ve been violated.


  4. I don’t really remember how I got here except that you left a comment on my Kimono post on Word Press. I have commented all over the place since I clicked your link. Thanks for stopping.


  5. I can only imagine how you are feeling, especially losing photographs of family. You are moving on to a better place! Good luck and thanks for liking my sign. I look forward to seeing more of your writings. Sally


  6. …wuoh – how come they just delete a whole blog?! Was it the hosting company? Didn’t they have to tell you first so you had a chance to save your posts and photographs? I’m very sorry about what happened – I hope this new blog will keep you happy as well 🙂 !


    • This blog is very satisfying and so far I’ve had no problems with WordPress. Google just deleted in with no explanation despite my emails and letters. They’re so big they don’t care about their customers.

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  7. Hey Susan. I only just happened to see on the sidebar to read that your previous blog got deleted. Oh my gosh. I am so sorry to hear that!! That is ridiculous and I completely sympathize with you about that. A blog takes a lot of time and effort to take up and especially when it’s something that you were working on for a number of years too. Knock on wood that it never happens to you again or me or anyone we know! So it was a blog that you were keeping on Google? Do you mind me asking what happened that caused it to be deleted?

    Cheers 🙂


  8. WordPress is excellent, I’ve got too many blogs and never had a problem losing any of them! Have fun, and many thanks for liking ‘A Biker’s Guide’ enough to follow 🙂


  9. Hi Susan, What an awful experience. So sorry, but as many have said, one can start anew and I think you will like WP very much. Thanks for sharing a link of my photography post. All the best to you!


  10. PLEASE, yes, I am shouting because you’re not answering my comments. TAKE ALL LINKS TO MY BLOG OFF YOUR “MASS LINKING LISTS” FOR THE PHOTO CHALLENGES. My blog is http:amandaricks.com


  11. Hi Susan (I hope I have your name correct). I’m still new to blogging and use a free account with WordPress. I use mine to maintain a smallish set of short stories that I’m have some success with. I’ve never heard of a blog being deleted out from beneath the owner. that would be devastating and now you have me thinking I should do some kind of backup external to WP. If you do learn anything about why someone or some company would do this, please share. All the best.


  12. I hear you on the frustrations of lost posts …. I’ve done my share of agonising over matters blogging, so I feel for you.

    Good one you for starting this blog and moving on, though. Our Gain.

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