Sepia Saturday: July 7

The elephant in the prompt photo reminded me of the circus. My grandmother was a big fan of the circus and lived for many years in Sarasota, Florida a home for the Ringling Brothers Circus. She loved the art and design of the circus. I too find it interesting.

The excitement of the circus parade must have been terrific.

Calliope – “Hey the circus is here!”

I think this wagon is part of the Buck Jones of film fame road show.

What’s a circus without a clown or two?

This clown worked for Hageneck-Wallace Circus, at its peak the second biggest circus in the US. Source: Assemblyman-ephemera


15 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday: July 7

  1. The Ringling Museum and the Ringling Mansion are so very fascinating. I was never a fan of the circus, but the museum made me one.


  2. It’s been a long time since I visited the museum, but I’d love to go back. A good museum frames the experience and deepens my appreciation.


  3. I’ve personally never been to a circus. The photos were very interesting…but that clown from the Hageneck-Wallace Circus looked kinda scary.


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