Tally of Shame

Cheat It Up, Cheatin' Cheater!

Cheat It Up, Cheatin’ Cheater! (Photo credit: Mr_Stein)

It’s the last week of my semester. Unfortunately, the academic honesty rates are soaring. I caught 5 people cheating on the exam. One in the first class and then another in class two. I then announced to class three if no one cheated in that class everyone in the class would receive 5 bonus points. Everyone needs every point they can get in that class.

I’m sad to report that I found 3 cheaters.

Don’t get me started on all the plagiarism. It’s gotten worse.  In the past I’ve had one person cheat on an exam per semester. I tell everyone to put their phones on the podium at the front of the room.

I know these students see education as a game with the object of gaining as little knowledge or skill as they pass through various school systems. I’d have a little more respect for them if in their downtime, they were inventing the next technological gadget or even say rock climbing. Nope. I doubt many are using the time they don’t spend studying on anything with merit.


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