A Major Loss

I realize this qualifies as a White Whine, but still.

I hate to admit it, but I think my camera died. I’d like to think it’s repairable since it’s only two and half years old. I certainly bought it with the expectation that it would work for at least 5 or 6 years.  It wouldn’t work on Thursday and I figured the battery was just out. Then when I put a recharged battery in, it turned on. I thought it was good to go. But no, 15 minutes later when I want to take an amazing photo of Beijing, it’s dead.

Denial was convenient so I attributed the problem to the battery and bought a new one. It worked in the store. Then later, nope. Nothing. My blood went cold. One big reason for the trip to Beijing was to photograph the White Cloud Temple and other sights.

I don’t know where I can get the camera fixed here. Even getting it fixed in the US will be a hassle I imagine.  There are few objects that cause this kind of sinking feeling when they fail.

I also feel that if an SRL camera’s going to break every couple years than I can’t afford one. Point and shoots are okay. It’s times like these that I wish a good glass of red wine was easy to come by.


7 thoughts on “A Major Loss

    • Mine just got back from getting fixed. Thankfully, it only cost about $50. Since I don’t speak Chinese I’m not quite sure what was broken, but am delighted it’s fixed. Two such cameras does make sense though.


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