A Pity

Here’s one reason I pity Chinese university students. We got this email today:

Hi all,

I am writing to let you know that the opening hours of the playground is from 6am to 8am, and between 3pm and 10pm. At other times of a day, you only can get into the playground when the doorman is there.

Enjoy your time doing exercise.



Mind you, I haven’t seen a doorman.

So even if a college student doesn’t have classes, there’s no access to the basketball courts and sports areas. This action does not lead people to go to the library or to study more. Studying isn’t the first substitute for sports. Computer games could be. So I think this wrongheaded action actually promotes sedentary, non-academic activities more than anything else.

We have no classes from noon till 2pm and even then they can’t use the sports area.


2 thoughts on “A Pity

  1. When I moved to Saudi I was excited to find that the hotel I would be staying in for the first few months had a gym – until I discovered the gym was only open after 9 p.m. at night and morning exercise wasn’t possible… it turned me into the oversize McDonald’s happy meal I am today…


    • A gym just for night owls, one of the things you’d never expect as an expat. But there you go . . . our is not to reason why . . .


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