Let the Teacher Beware

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The hellish school I worked for in Guangzhou is hiring. Let the teacher beware. I’ve added in bold what I think people should know.

CCC seeks an ESL/EFL Instructor to teach English for their Education Bound U.S. (EBUS) program at Xiang Jiang High School (XJHS) in Jade-Green Island, 45 minutes from Guangzhou, China, in Xintang, a factory town with horrid air quality. Though California law requires that employers provide a safe workplace,  we’ll ignore that and hope you will too. This program offers American college-level courses to Chinese high school students (regardless of their English level, even 15 year old kids with D’s in English can take college classes) to prepare them for transfer to U.S. colleges and universities though the best students will transfer from EBUS into XJ’s AP program each year so maybe this plan won’t quite work out. If the first two classes are a good measure, half the students will transfer out of this school before their third year.

Under the direct supervision of the CCC EBUS Program Coordinator, who will be in California so you’ll wake to 20-30 emails A DAY from him and if he’s like most staff will only deign to speak with you at his convenience, i.e. California time.  Night owls preferred as some calls will start an hour late and conclude at 2 am Guangzhou time.



5 thoughts on “Let the Teacher Beware

  1. I just got off the phone with a friend, who told me I sounded so much calmer than when I worked at EBUS. I know I’ve felt 100% better. At EBUS I had insomnia, my blood pressure was so high I could feel it and I got migraines. Most of the teachers had insomnia and other maladies.


  2. Hi, I am looking into applying for a teachers position at this school for this following year…reading your article has really made me question my choice, and I would LOVE to know more about you experience. I have taught in multiple cities in China, and am aware of the Chinese culture, but I really want to know more about this school in particular. What did you like? dislike? how is the housing – would it be able to accommodate a family? (I have 3 little children)
    I would REALLY love and appreciate some feed back from someone who’s been to this particular school. Thank you!


    • Hi,

      If the housing’s the same, you’ll get two small bedrooms, which could work for young children. You’d have a living room with a dining area too.

      I didn’t like the duplicity I experienced with the administration. There was a particularly manipulative, dishonest woman, “Elaine” who created constant turmoil. Also, I didn’t like Guangzhou, too much concrete, too little in terms of entertainment, parks, etc. I’m not into bars, which is the claim to fame there. The fact that in such a short time, they’re hiring again does not bode well. I’m on my fifth year in Jinan, while no one’s completed 3 at XJ to my knowledge. There are a lot of better jobs. Here’s a better job: http://www.universityjobsinchina.com/

      You can make more money and have a more professional experience elsewhere.


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