Santa Fe, NM

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I keep liking WordPress more and more. Here’s my first attempt with their slideshow feature.

The images are of my day wandering around Santa Fe yesterday. One thing about Santa Fe is they have very strict building codes. New building must be in adobe style and colors must belong to an approved palate. I’m of mixed feelings. It does make for a lovely tourist experience, but it also thwarts creativity and innovation. It makes more sense for the Old Town district, but the whole city must conform and this started in the 1930s and got strongly enforced in the 1950s. So the earlier Victorian and other style architecture that had been part of Santa Fe style, no longer really was.

I love all the art and jewelry, but boy is it pricey. I’m too used to Asian prices.

P.S. I love their posting features that suggest related articles, tags and images.


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